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Servicing urban and regional distribution, providing last mile solutions to the industry 

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A changing landscape

The evolving preferences of warehousing and logistics occupiers, combined with increasing requirements from investors, present a significant investment opportunity in segments being driven by structural demand tailwinds.

Real Estate Investment Outlook

Schroders Capital Investment Outlook for real estate summarises our experts’ views on the risks and opportunities in real estate markets around the world.

Our business

A shortage of modern, energy-efficient warehousing and logistics stock is a common theme across major developed and developing markets globally. Opportunities are also emerging within certain storage formats where more flexibility is possible according to the tenant’s use of the space. In some cases mezzanine office spaces will be important, and in others large forecourts will be necessary for truck traffic. 

Our teams focus on smaller ‘last touch’ distribution properties catering to ‘immediate’ consumerism in urban environments and larger regional facilities. These assets benefit from both ecommerce and near shoring tailwinds. 

Real estate

Building change: Data storage in a crowded city

Hong Kong

Strategically positioned near container terminals and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, this project capitalises on growing demand for data centres while leveraging the region's global significance as a prominent trading and logistics hub.

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Innovation meets inner-city demand for data storage space

Demand for data storage is high, but land in Hong Kong is scarce. Our team in Asia used their deep-rooted local networks and knowledge of local panning systems, to source an off-market opportunity to convert an industrial skyscraper in Hong Kong into a vertical data centre.

Global reach. Local networks.

Nothing beats the advantage of local networks, deep market knowledge and expertise. Which is why we have built our global platform with strong entrepreneurial teams on the ground in the major real estate markets. These teams are able to source, underwrite and select optimal investment opportunities locally. 

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