About Schroders Capital

Building change across global private markets

$94bn in assets under management* across private equity, private debt and credit alternatives, real estate, and infrastructure.

770+ employees dedicated to private assets including 400+ investment professionals in 26 locations around the world.*

The breadth of perspective and the scale to build holistic solutions and to take best practices in sustainability and impact investing to their full potential.

We combine the experience of specialised local teams, with the scale, rigor, and resources of a global institutional platform, to provide our investors with global access across Real Estate, Infrastructure, Private Equity, and Private Debt & Credit Alternatives investments.

This approach enables us to access investments that are often difficult to find elsewhere, while also having the broad capabilities and perspective needed to build holistic solutions and deliver tailored outcomes across private markets.

Our entrepreneurial teams have the autonomy to pursue innovative ideas in their areas of expertise and to collaborate within the expert networks of one of the world's leading asset managers including extensive capabilities in sustainability and impact investing. 


Partnership is at the heart of everything we do for our investors and portfolio companies. Our collaborative and entrepreneurial culture allows us to plug into the expertise of our global networks, providing access to experienced investment teams on the ground who know their markets inside out. Whether it is fostering medical innovation through private equity, regenerating communities through real estate, providing renewable energy to power communities, or supplying finance where traditional lending methods can’t - we are constantly investing with the purpose of building change.

"By fostering alignment of interest through a mix of entrepreneurial incentives and a culture of collaboration, we have built a firm that understands the unique needs of its clients and strive to deliver investment solutions that work for all stakeholders."

Georg Wunderlin

Global Head of Private Assets

Sustainability and Impact

We draw on an extensive network of sustainability and impact specialists including BlueOrchard’s impact practitioners to support portfolio assets and investors on their sustainability and impact journey. Today, our offering provides access to a wide spectrum of sustainability and impact objectives and risk/returns profiles, including innovative climate-focused strategies.

Meet our specialised investment teams

Entrepreneurial teams powered by a longstanding culture of trust forming expert networks around the world.

*As of 30 December 2023. Source: Schroders Capital