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Optimising services to create vibrant communities 

Investing in Hospitality and Living assets across Asia and Europe

Providing the space for growing populations to live and travel

Meeting changing landlord and tenant demands

The hospitality mindset

Operational excellence and a 'hospitality mindset' are crucial to driving income and value creation. We manage every building as its own business, focused on optimising tenant services and income with efficiently-run operations. And we don’t stop at our living and hospitality assets; we consider this approach best practice across our whole real estate business.  

Real Estate Investment Outlook

Schroders Capital Investment Outlook for real estate summarises our experts’ views on the risks and opportunities in real estate markets around the world.

Our business

Drawing on our ‘hospitality mindset’, we target Hospitality and Living opportunities that can facilitate multiple ways to create value. 

Our investors are looking for long-term growth, so we seek hotel concepts and living formats that are well-positioned for their locations and target customer markets, meaning they are in balanced or high demand from multiple occupant types.  

This provides an attractive foundation for value creation strategies because it means both landlord and occupier business models align. 

Real estate

The transformation of an under-managed beachfront hotel


Leveraging specialist hotel operating experience and implementing a hospitality-oriented approach, a beachfront hotel in Nice underwent an exceptional refurbishment, boosting profitability and increasing its valuation by €20 million in one year.

Disclaimer: The company shown is for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell.

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“Our Living and Hospitality teams combine expertise in real estate with expertise in running the business conducted within that real estate. This ranges from designing and marketing luxury apartments to running the day-to-day operations of trendy hotels. Using this combination of skills and hospitality mindset, we ensure our assets are best adapted to the changing needs of the users and the business conducted within."

James MacNamara

Head of Operating Strategies - Hotels

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We have a responsibility to exert positive influence on society and our planet through our investments. We apply the same core values and high standards to the activities we undertake as a business as we do when investing on behalf of clients.

Schroders Capital Global Real Estate Lens - January 2024

Our latest analysis highlights the key data and trends that matter to global real estate investors.

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Nothing beats the advantage of local networks, deep market knowledge and expertise. Which is why we have built our global platform with strong entrepreneurial teams on the ground in the major real estate markets. These teams are able to source, underwrite and select optimal investment opportunities locally.