Opportunistic credit

Providing investors with access to opportunity with strong return potential, capitalizing on inefficiencies in syndicated and non-syndicated investments across securities and lending. Accessing specialized lending strategies with strong return potential, particularly during downturns.

Our ability to access public and private markets allows us to pivot to opportunity.

Opportunity can be liquidity driven, where capital provision has changed due to regulation or due to demand.

The breadth of our core capabilities allows us to adapt and seize opportunities in different market conditions.

Different markets present opportunities at different times. With our diverse set of core capabilities, we have the flexibility to shift our focus to areas where the market is affording opportunity.

In-depth credit expertise enables us to identify opportunities during uncertain and volatile times.

Our extensive knowledge of credit markets allows us to navigate through periods of uncertainty and volatility.

Opportunistic credit strategies seek out and capture inefficiencies in credit markets.

Opportunistic credit strategies are designed to identify and capitalize on funding gaps within credit markets, where and when they emerge. These strategies require a diverse toolkit with dynamism and dexterity, which enables our team with the ability to pivot towards funding gaps or markets with imbalances.

At Schroders Capital, our expertise and innovation enable us to leverage a versatile range of tools, adapt to changing conditions, aimed at generating attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. With a proactive approach and a commitment to delivering value, our opportunistic credit strategies provide a flexible and dynamic approach to capturing opportunities in the evolving credit landscape.

The value of flexibility peaks where volatility and uncertainty is highest

Experience in assessment, underwriting and analysis allows us to benefit when markets are being driven by emotion and fear. 

Inefficient markets afford better return for risk and our ability to scan the landscape for opportunities driven by selling, by sector disruption, by rapid changes in market conditions, by rising rates allow us to diversify the types of risk premium we earn and complement it with illiquidity premium 

Global reach. Local networks.

Global reach is important. But nothing beats the advantage of local networks, market knowledge and sourcing abilities of people on the ground. We have built a platform with deep expertise in local markets, so our clients know we can consistently source, underwrite, and select optimal investment opportunities. We match these opportunities to our clients' diverse global requirements across risk appetite, liquidity, sustainability, impact, and governance.