Securitized products and asset-based finance

Covering the ABS, MBS, CMBS and CLO market as well as the receivables themselves such as consumer loans, claims and receivables, mortgage loans, real estate loan and leveraged loans.

Experienced team which is one of the original credit/b-piece investors in securitized products

Our team has been investing in securitized products and asset-based finance since the inception of the asset class.

Consistency with a proven track-record

We have a proven track record of managing diverse global portfolios, and we have done so for more than two decades.

Our team has a nearly two-decade-long partnership

The senior team has been together nearly two decades developing, enhancing and innovating the flexible best ideas process.

We invest on a global basis across the capital structure, meeting our clients’ risk appetite and always cognisant of evolving market conditions

Through a combination of top-down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up alpha oriented analysis we identify compelling investment opportunities across the spectrum of mortgage-backed securities (commercial and residential), asset-backed securities and asset-related private debt.

Accumulated data, knowledge and insights inform our investment decision-making

Inefficient markets offer excess returns. In volatile markets more flexibility enhances option value. Securitized Product and Asset-Based Finance represents an attractive diversifier from corporate risks and idiosyncratic risks. Pivoting to the opportunity the market is affording across a wide range of assets, regions and risk profiles means that we can navigate a cycle and are particularly well appointed to do so given the inefficiencies driven by the buyer base for these asset classes (Specifically the Fed and the Banks).

Global reach. Local networks.

Global reach is important. But nothing beats the advantage of local networks, market knowledge and sourcing abilities of people on the ground. We have built a platform with deep expertise in local markets, so our clients know we can consistently source, underwrite, and select optimal investment opportunities. We match these opportunities to our clients' diverse global requirements across risk appetite, liquidity, sustainability, impact, and governance.