Sustainability & Impact Report 2022

Building positive change for our stakeholders, society and the environment.

Our ambition for our Sustainability & Impact journey

It is our ambition to continue developing innovative ways to capture S&I investing opportunities at scale across a comprehensive range of sustainability challenges. In doing so, we aim to deliver the entire spectrum of risk-reward and S&I investment opportunities across asset classes and consolidate our position as an industry leader.

"Achieving sustainability and impact in private assets is part of what we want to deliver to our clients as we believe this is key to long-term impactful financial performance and we have decided that this is a defining characteristic of Schroders Capital."

Georg Wunderlin

Global Head of Private Assets

Milestones in our S&I journey

  • We have concentrated our innovation efforts on products that focus on S&I outcomes with robust criteria, performance management, and monitoring and reporting processes.
  • We can create and execute bespoke investment solutions that integrate S&I across a range of multi-private assets investment strategies tackling topics like energy transition, economic growth, and social inclusion.
  • We have launched an ambitious plan to ensure that the shared vision and values of Schroders Capital can be concretely transformed into a practical implementation roadmap for S&I investing.
  • We have developed a joined-up S&I policy that embeds S&I in our investment process across all our business segments.
  • We have significantly invested in our investment teams and sustainability experts to ensure we have a comprehensive toolkit and skill set to innovatively address S&I.

"When BlueOrchard was added to the Schroders Capital team it was clear that the potential was much bigger than just leveraging BlueOrchard’s emerging market and sectoral expertise. The impact investing DNA in BlueOrchard was soon seen as a terrific opportunity to deep-dive into sustainability and impact solutions across the entire Schroders Capital portfolio."

Maria Teresa Zappia

Deputy CEO at BlueOrchard and Head of Blended Finance & Impact Management

Interested to learn more about our S&I journey?

Our report encompasses our objectives, achievements and ambitions; the methodologies, tools and governance and the challenges and way forward.