Impact lending

We strive to deliver stable returns through a diverse portfolio of impact investments.

Through our investment approach, we aim to create meaningful change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our efforts have a tangible and positive impact, such as empowering underserved micro, small, and mid-sized enterprises and protecting the environment against the adverse effects of climate change.

Impact lending is deeply ingrained in our DNA, backed by a highly experienced team.

Being the pioneer in impact lending on a global scale, our impact specialist BlueOrchard boasts a track record of over 20 years and possess extensive expertise in frontier and emerging markets. Our local presence, global network, and longstanding relationships enable us to provide unique advantages for your investment journey.

Market opportunities - harnessing the power of megatrends

We have identified three significant megatrends that offer compelling investment opportunities. Firstly, demographics are undergoing a transformation, with developed economies experiencing shrinking societies while emerging markets are witnessing population growth and rapid urbanization. Both trends present substantial investment needs and potentials. Secondly, digitization is gaining momentum, driven by the AI revolution as well as population and economic growth in emerging markets, leading to a rising demand for digital financial solutions as well as digital infrastructure. Lastly, decarbonization holds significant potential for green finance on a global scale, with emerging markets leading the global growth of energy consumption. Our aim is to leverage this vast investment potential and capitalize on these transformative megatrends.

Consistent and reliable performance - building resilience and stability

Impact lending, encompassing private debt, infrastructure debt, and real estate debt, offers an appealing opportunity for attractive, diversified, and stable returns. Its low correlation to global capital markets can help reduce overall portfolio risk. Microfinance investments in particular are also recognized for their stable returns with low volatility as well as low correlation with other asset classes and can thus contribute to greater stability of portfolios. Additionally, our focus is on providing stable and resilient cash yields, enhanced diversification, and better value compared to traditional asset classes within a portfolio.


We are impact investment pioneers with a 20+ year track record and a global reach of over 280 million people. Our goal? Combining social and environmental impact with a positive financial return. We have invested long-term in more than 100 emerging and frontier markets through a network of over 750 financial institutions. Learn about the opportunity for impact and return

Sustainability and Impact report

Our 2022 Sustainability & Impact report provides a comprehensive overview of how our activities in private assets have performed in delivering long-term impact. It also includes a summary of our key sustainability methodologies and tools, in addition to case studies that highlight what we can concretely achieve in terms of positive change.