Essential Infrastructure

A growing presence in the European infrastructure equity sector

Our extensive network provides exceptional access to infrastructure opportunities

Our European core and core-plus infrastructure assets provide stable cash flows and operate in sectors with high barriers to entry such as transport, logistics, energy and telecoms. Our extensive network of infrastructure contacts, combined with the depth and breadth of our internal expertise, means we can originate deals, analyse opportunities, conduct due diligence, structure transactions, manage assets, maintain high-quality client reporting and co-invest in particularly attractive value-add assets. We integrate sustainability into all aspects of infrastructure investment, including energy efficiency and social impact. We use proprietary tools to identify risks and monitor progress against ESG criteria throughout the asset lifecycle.

“Essential Infrastructure offers high levels of transparency and low volatility due to the essential nature of the services provided by companies and assets. Assets are often regulated, providing investors additional comfort.”

Jerome Janssen

Co-Head of Equity Investments, Infrastructure Equity

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