Direct Credit

Australia-based team applies a solutions mindset and adaptable structuring expertise to Asia-Pacific opportunities

An expert team with expanding on-the-ground experience

At Schroder Capital, we bring together investors looking for compelling fixed-income style returns with borrowers seeking flexible capital. Our competitive advantages lie in utilising our networks to source compelling transactions, expertly structuring deals and managing borrowers throughout the lifecycle of loans. We invest in senior, junior and mezzanine opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. The direct lending team has decades of experience working in Australian and international markets at the highest level of advisory and structuring. The team moved into the financing space vacated by banks, and looks to structure bespoke debt products to support middle market or larger borrowers across a diverse range of industries and sectors. In addition we also participate in compelling broadly syndicated opportunities.

“We apply a relationship mindset to structuring debt solutions – it’s a business founded on trust. We bring our experience of working through many challenging cycles into our investment ethos. In volatile markets, this experience is invaluable.”

Nicole Kidd

Head of Private Debt, Australia

Our experts


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Tim Hallam

Portfolio Manager, Private Debt

Rickard Hoskin

Analyst, Private Debt