Schroders Capital Semi-Liquid

Enabling access to private markets

We offer investors access to our innovative investment platform in structures designed to meet their needs

We manage over $3.7bn across our semi-liquid platform

We deliver solutions across asset classes, including private equity, real estate, infrastructure and private credit

Why Schroders Capital for semi-liquid

Schroders Capital is a trusted and leading private assets manager with a 200-year heritage and best-in-class investments teams.  

We launched our first semi-liquid fund over 20 years ago and have developed deep expertise that has allowed our platform to grow.  

From private equity to real estate, we combine global reach with local experts to find the right semi-liquid strategy for your clients.  

How do semi-liquid funds work

Semi-liquid funds are an increasingly popular way to access private markets. Also known as open-ended evergreen funds, they have no end date and offer clients the flexibility to subscribe and redeem within certain parameters.  

Historically, it has been difficult for investors to find open-ended structures in private markets where they can buy and sell at a prevailing net asset value (NAV), because the underlying investments are illiquid. 

Semi-liquid funds are a possible solution to this, offering structured restrictions on removing capital – increasing liquidity while still allowing fund managers to maintain long-term investment horizons. 

Liquidity is typically offered with set restrictions. For example, there is typically a limit on the number of redemptions that can be made in a given time period and investors typically have to give longer advance notice of their intention to redeem their investments.  

Designing the right solutions needs proven experience and expertise

Our depth of experience across alternatives allows us to identify and access the opportunities and build effective investment solutions for institutional and individual investors. Our range of solutions can be used as modular building blocks to construct an alternatives portfolio. We work with you to assess your risk/return appetite and determine the right combination and balance of asset classes and investment type.

Global reach. Local networks

Nothing beats the advantage of local networks, delivering the market knowledge and sourcing abilities of people on the ground. We have built a platform with deep expertise in local markets, so our clients know we can consistently source, underwrite, and select optimal investment opportunities. We match these opportunities to our clients' diverse global requirements across risk, returns and sustainability. Our wealth client portfolios benefit from the same investments as our institutional clients. 

BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund

Meet our experts

Schroders Capital has over 300 investment professionals in offices around the world. We apply a rigorous sourcing, review and assessment process to all new investments. The same investments used for our institutional client portfolios are also allocated to our wealth client portfolios.