APAC Private debt

Offering investors access to the growing Australian debt market offering attractive fixed-income style returns.
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Driving real value-add performance over the entire lifecycle of a deal

We’re an active owner and partner with a longstanding track record of 20+ years of private assets growth.

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Solutions based approach focused on client outcomes

We are focused on solutions outcomes for our clients, and can design mandates unique to their needs. Given our breadth of sector coverage, we are focused on understanding how private debt can be additive to investor portfolios.

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Long history of investing in Australia

Our Australia-based team has a long history of investing in the country’s AUS $160bn private and corporate debt market, which is still growing.

Seizing Australian debt opportunities

The nascent Australian debt market is growing fast. Our team manages over AUS $210m for our clients, across corporate, infrastructure and real estate assets. 

Expertise across multiple market segments

As a cashflow lender, we specialise in sector agnostic opportunities within the Australian private corporate debt market, focused on attractive risk-adjusted relative value. We look for mid-market direct opportunities as well as covering the broadly syndicated loan markets. Our capital markets expertise positions us perfectly to move across the market to find the best opportunities to meet our investors needs.

Global reach. Local networks.

Our APAC investment team is backed by a PDCC investment platform operating globally. We invest in and manage assets across the risk-return spectrum with proven operational  expertise.

Financing Australian real estate

Our team concentrates on direct financing for Australian residential, commercial, retail or industrial real estate assets and construction projects. We lend to borrowers who pass our stringent due diligence andwho are actively focused on delivering high quality product for their chosen market.  

We have deep experience in real estate debt finance in Australia via our Joint Venture with the Roberts Family, Schroders RF.  This is a mid-market real estate debt alternative lending fund manager which extensive track record in land subdivision, built-form, residual stock lending and investment projects. 

Schroders RF

Managing Australian real estate debt direct financing for residential, commercial, retail and industrial assets.

Our areas of expertise

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