Schroders Private Assets Media Summit 2021: Building for the future – opportunities in a post-Covid world

Real asset investment opportunities are now at an inflection point across both developed and emerging markets, driven by sustainability and the focus on a post-pandemic global recovery, journalists at Schroders Private Assets Media Summit heard.

Chantale Pelletier, Global Head of Infrastructure, Schroders Capital, commented:

“The world is in transformation and we are at an inflection point. Opportunities in the infrastructure investment space are being driven by some key megatrends and we need to ensure we are well positioned to support investors.

“Amid this growing market one of the key areas that infrastructure can address is the need for sustainable investment, such as supporting the energy transition and the digitisation of global economies.

“Furthermore, post Covid-19, infrastructure projects will form the basis of the world’s economic recovery making it even more important for Schroders Capital to position itself as a local infrastructure specialist for our clients but on a global scale and with a global perspective.”

Sophie van Oosterom, Global Head of Real Estate, Schroders Capital, commented:

“Our overarching ‘Real Estate with Impact’ business strategy is focused on the four pillars of impact: People, Planet, Place and Prosperity. It is aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and seeks to address and positively impact social and environmental challenges, alongside performance objectives for our investors.

“Our fiduciary responsibility to our clients includes mitigating the impact from financial and non financial risks. This is why our real estate business has committed to achieving Net Zero across its entire portfolio by 2050.

“The real estate market is rapidly evolving and demands a new management approach. Changing tenant requirements and the ESG focus require landlords to manage each asset as if it were a business by itself, not a collection of rental contracts. Adjusting the services offered and ensuring true operational efficiency and contract terms to match the customer’s business model are key to securing long term sustainable income and prevent obsolescence.

“We believe the real estate investors that work in direct partnership with their occupiers, with a hospitality driven mind-set, are more likely to address emerging trends proactively.”

Philipp Mueller, Chief Executive Officer, BlueOrchard, commented:

“Impact investing is about merging the best of two worlds; achieving attractive investment returns but also achieving a social or environmental goal.

“With that in mind, across emerging markets, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to support crucial, yet sustainable, infrastructure projects that deliver tangible and positive impacts for society and the environment. 

“Our key focus is meeting investors’ demands for innovative and truly impactful strategies.”

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