Schroders Capital celebrates 50 years of creating value in real estate

Schroders Capital is celebrating 50 years since the launch of its real estate business, which has grown to become one of Europe’s largest managers of commercial property with £16.5 billion of gross real estate assets under management.[1]

Over the past five decades, Schroders Capital’s real estate team has been dedicated to delivering outperformance for its investors, through focused asset selection, diligent portfolio management and active asset management, evidenced by c.95% of its real estate portfolios outperforming client targets over the three years to December 2020.

This long-term focus, expertise and attention to detail has helped support the rejuvenation and regeneration of local economies, while ensuring performance and financial security for thousands in retirement and the insurance industry globally.

Schroders real estate team has continually evolved and developed over the period. Starting out as one of the first European real estate fund managers, the business was awarded its first segregated account real estate mandate in 1997, believed to be the first in the UK by a public pension scheme in the UK.

In recent years the business has been bolstered with a series of acquisitions expanding its geographical remit further into Europe and Asia, while importantly adding strong sustainability, operational and value add expertise to its well-established core platform.

Sophie van Oosterom, Global Head of Real Estate, Schroders Capital, commented:

“The real estate sector has undergone significant changes over the past 50 years, impacting the role that real estate plays in investors' portfolios as well as in our day-to-day communities. Our track record is therefore a significant testament to the agility and strength of our business, adapting to and helping shape these changes to the benefit of our clients, tenants, users and other stakeholders in a responsible and sustainable way.

“We are proud to have created such a successful heritage and have consistently invested in our business and our people to ensure we can continue to excel and exceed our clients’ and the wider markets’ expectations. We believe our current team and our platform are in the best possible shape to navigate and capitalise on the exciting current and future developments in the sector. We are building on the old to create the new.”

Read more about the five lessons Schroders Capital has learned after 50 years of real estate investing and what comes next on Schroders Capital's newsroom.  

[1] As at 30 June 2021.

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