Schroders Capital – your partner for private assets

We provide investors with access to a broad range of private asset investment opportunities

Schroders Capital is the private markets investment division of Schroders Group. With $75bn AUM and 498 employees we cover a broad range of asset classes out of 19 offices globally.

By applying the skills of our specialised investment teams to a variety of investment opportunities, including ones that are harder to find and harder to manage, we aim to capture a complexity premium for our investors, provide them with additional diversification benefits and help them to achieve sustainability and/or impact related objectives.

We invest in a range of private market asset classes, through comingled funds and customised private asset mandates. We provide bespoke investment portfolios via access to one or more individual investment strategies or through the creation of full-service portfolios.

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We offer our clients a combination of direct investment capabilities and broader solutions in all private market asset classes, through comingled funds and customised private asset mandates.

We believe performance is delivered by innovation and collaboration from a diverse team. Our team is defined by integrity, inclusivity and diligenceAs part of Schroders, we build on an established heritage, going back over 200 years, a long-term orientation and an adherence to strong valuesSchroders’ successful, long-standing history also reminds us how important it is to embrace change to endure and succeed, which applies to both us and the investments we make. 









We see our purpose as making investments that our stakeholders can be proud of.

We are committed to our investors, our investments and their stakeholders, to the communities in which we operate and to our employees. At the core of our business is a belief in deploying capital as a force for good. Due to the long investment horizons and active ownership of private assets, we are convinced that Schroders Capital is especially well positioned to help build the future and enact positive change.

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Meet the team

With a team of over 400 employees working across 19 offices around the world, we deploy capital as a force for good, building positive change. We value diversity and see it as a source of creativity and a way to get to better investment decisions, along with creating an engaging work environment.

We embrace and drive innovation in our industry

We see innovation as a positive force for good both for the investments we make and for the way we manage our own business. Schroders Capital has pioneered several of its active strategies and continues its culture of innovation for the benefit of all its stakeholders. Schroders Capital is also a pioneer in how we manage our investments with regard to our data science capabilities and the proprietary tools we apply. Through BlueOrchard, Schroders Capital is a leader in sustainability and impact investing. As change never stops, we will keep innovating.

Our stakeholders benefit from Schroders Capital being part of the Schroders Group

As the private markets investment division of Schroders, a leading global asset manager, our investors, investments and employees benefit from the financial strength, network, infrastructure and resources of the group. Schroders operates from 37 locations across the world. Our access to the broad range of capabilities within Schroders directly contributes to driving the quality over everything we do. We also benefit from the group’s governance controls, risk management and other institutional frameworks.

We have a truly global – and local – perspective to our investments

Schroders Capital’s investment teams are located in 19 offices on six continents including developed countries, emerging countries and frontier markets. Our unique position as investors across the globe’s wide range of opportunities and challenges gives us, we think, an unmatched breadth of investment reach and diversity of thought. We value diversity and see it as a source of creativity and a way to get to better investment decisions, along with creating an engaging work environment. 

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